Advanced Website Hosting

Website Hosting Louth Lincolnshire

So many website hosting options and so many prices ranging from a few pounds per month up to many tens of pounds per month for essentially the same thing and with many website hosting services you end up paying for features you absolutely won’t ever need.

It is hard to choose a hosting service that’s right for your business and which ones really give value for money and peace of mind.

So what does Koss UK hosting provide?

We have used many hosting services for websites, email accounts and databases over the years and the hosting platform we have used for the last 10 years grows with your website.

The ‘magic’ is really from the load balancers that constantly monitor all requests into the network.

When a website receives a large number of ‘hits’ (visitors loading many pages and accessing the database heavily, your website is quickly (dynamically) isolated and moved to it’s own dedicated backend.

This is power that would literally costs hundreds per month to buy for a website otherwise.

Once the “busy period” is over, your site is dynamically moved back to the normal infrastructure.

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