Don’t Use Animated GIFs

bad usability animated gifs

Sounds like a rather direct request but I am quite serious on this matter whenever I consult about website design and how to provide help via the web. Although animated GIFs have reduced in size massively thanks to new technology and image compression capabilities, they are still horribly outdated and inefficient. Animated GIFs were originally …

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Designing The Perfect Website

Perfect Website Design

Ok, first off, I need to say; “there is no such thing as a perfect website”. No matter how hard you try and no matter ho skilled your website developer is, you can not build the perfect website. You may get close. Sort of. But not for long. You see, the web is constantly changing. …

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Website Optimisation Recap

Website Optimisation (Speed and SEO)

This is one subject that keeps making noise and that means I can’t shut up about it either because there’s an ongoing dialogue, it seems, practially everywhere in the land of development and website speed freaks. To start this recap, let’s have a reminder of why optimising your website matters so much: As well as …

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Which WordPress Cache

Which WordPress Cache Plugin

If there’s one thing the Internet is good for it’s reviews. A million writeups for every subject under the sun but, when you want to know what the best (in your chosen subject) is, a popularity contest or a ‘made for ads’ summary page (without any actual opinion) is not going to give you the …

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Get More from Your Website Developer

Plan Your Website Design

We all want value for money, right? We all want to get the best we can without spending more than we want to spend, don’t we? But sometimes we’re our own worst enemy and website development is one area in which I’ve seen so many businesses settle for less than they wanted or something completely different to what they envisaged.

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