Why Facebook Ads Suck

The obvious reason why the response to most Facebook ads is terrible is because the adverts are terrible!

Why Facebook Ads Suck

Just like you can’t just build a website and expect visitors to find it and become your next customers, you can’t just post a picture and a link on your Facebook page and expect people to do what you hope they’ll do.

Facebook advertising (including ‘sponsored posts’) will typically be a waste of money… 

Unless you ask for an action and make the advert interesting enough to drop scrolling for a few seconds to actually look at it – and take action. 

There’s not a huge amount you can actually do with a Facebook advert because of limits on what you can put in them and the restricted size (especially on mobiles – which most people are using to view your advert) so it takes a lot of thought to construct an advert that will get the action you hope for. 

What does the advert say?

What picture (or pictures) will get people to stop scrolling?

What action does it ask the user to take?

What does it link to?

Does the link take the user to something interesting and that they can do quickly?

Or does it just link to a boring Facebook page or uninspiring website home page with no call to action?

Targeting users based in geographic location or demographics is only one part of posting an effective Facebook advert. 

If nobody stops to look at your advert, Facebook will reduce how often it is shown. If the wrong demographic stop and look at the advert, Facebook will learn from that and then show the advert to more of the wrong people. If users stop, look but take no action, Facebook’s algorithm will learn from that too. 

Learn form other businesses!

Take a look at what businesses like yours are doing on Facebook and on Google paid listings. See what the listings and posts say, what images they use, what page they link to, the call to action they include. 

We have a mammoth reference library of advertising, calls to action, wording an landing pages to learn from just by taking a closer look at what is working for other businesses. And to know what’s working and what’s not working; monitor the other sponsored posts and paid listings to see how frequently they appear as well as how often they are changed. 

If a business keeps reusing the same advert or paying Google for the top spot in search results you can be pretty sure that what they’re doing is working. 

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