Adapting to Post Lockdown ‘Normal’

Adapting to new ways of working has become a big topic for almost all businesses and that means new ways of interaction with clients, customers, suppliers, staff and share holders.

Adapting Business to Post Lockdown

For now, at least, gone are many face to face discussions, conference room meetings and in person demonstrations. Replaced by video conferencing, interactive websites, text based communications and online demonstrations.

Many of these changes have long been in place for lots of businesses because they are efficient, delivering exactly what information the recipient (client, staff member etc) needs, exactly when they need it, rather than having to make an appointment for a one to one conversation.

Intelligent websites, cloud based databases and online payment systems can deliver exactly what the user needs exactly when they need it based on selections, user access permissions and other criteria. Not only does that mean a very happy user, it cuts down on repetition by the business plus it consistently ensures no costly errors are made.

Do you need to send quotations by post? Invoices by post? Brochures? Is it cost effective to travel to every customer to do a face to face product demonstration and sales pitch? How many appointments are rescheduled, take longer than expected?

That said, adapting shouldn’t mean your business processes are determined by limitations of a software system built by somebody with no knowledge of your business That’s where bespoke intelligent online systems can help.

Building something that your business can use that works for your business is better than buying something off the shelf where your procedures and your entire workflow is determined by somebody hundreds or thousands of miles away in a software development company.

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