Free Search Engine Optimisation

SEO can get a bit pricey if you are running a tiny website of just a few pages and, in all honestly, can be a bit of a never ending money pit. However, you could give it a go yourself using a free Search Engine Optimisation tool.

Search Engine Optimisation does not have to be expensive

A good free SEO tool, like Google Keyword Tools and SEOEffect, will give you ranking details and keyword research. SEOEffect and others will give you suggestions for what changes to make on your website page(s).

A free SEO analysis tool isn’t going to go in-depth on your page(s). It is, after all, free. But if you can asses a few pages and get an idea of how your website is performing for the main few keywords, then at least you’re off to a start.

Anything is better than doing nothing.

Keyword research for your SEO can be an eye watering task

SEO Keyword Research

When considering any free SEO tool, look for tools like keyword research, the foundation of your SEO project and content optimisation, a page audit that suggests what you can do to improve your site and pages.

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