Website Optimisation Recap

This is one subject that keeps making noise and that means I can’t shut up about it either because there’s an ongoing dialogue, it seems, practially everywhere in the land of development and website speed freaks.

To start this recap, let’s have a reminder of why optimising your website matters so much:

As well as the SEO aspect, optimising your website creates a better user experience, which can make all the difference between whether you gain a customer or a lost opportunity.

Without optimisation, customers and search engines can and often do struggle to find your website. Without the help of search engines you get no traffic and without traffic, you get no new business.

Summed up, by optimising your website correctly

  • you will add value to your website visitors and
  • you’ll give yourself a better chance of growing your business online

Several studies conclude that over 50% of website visitors abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

So what does “optimising your website” really mean?

To help you answer that for yourself (sort of), ask yourself:

  • is your website mobile-friendly (does it look right on mobile phones, not a squashed up desktop version)?
  • are your images compressed correctly and load quickly?
  • is your website easy to navigate?
  • can people find your website via the main search engines using generic search terms?
  • does your website load in under 3 seconds on mobile and under 2 seconds on a computer?
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