Page Speed and Site Speed

Page Speed and Site Speed may seem like the same thing but they are a bit different. The titles are a bit of a give away. Both are extremly important.

Site Speed is the overall speed of your website while page speed is the speed of individual pages.

But aren’t they the same thing, sort of? No. Let’s settle for them being similar but different, ok? Let me explain.

Your website speed is determined by the hosting service you have your website on, the platform you’re using (plain HTML or a CMS for example) and if it is well coded or not. That’s the very very basic way of looking at website speed; it’s an ‘overall’ look at things that can impact everything about your website’s loading times.

Page Speed, on the other hand, is affected by the above, yes, but page specific content like uncompressed or wrong size images, loads of complex JS (javascript), content being pulled in from different third party servers (YouTube videos, photos from a photo sharing wesbite, Google fonts, etc). All these are optional regardless of the things that can improve or harm the site speed.

This means you can have a rapid loading speed on your home page but have many pages that take several extra seconds to load. On the other hand you can have every optimisation trick in the book applied to your pages but have a slow server hosting your website so all your efforts are in vain.

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